Rural Hospitals Face Uncertainty

Over 20 facilities have closed in the past year alone, leaving a healthcare deficient for communities.  Now more than ever, rural hospitals need to be vigilant with every aspect of their business, especially with revenue cycle management. Even before the pandemic, rural hospitals faced significant financial uncertainty. Relative to urban areas, the roughly 61 million […]

Force= Mass X Acceleration

It’s been called the Energy of Creation.  Energy is experienced by our perspectives.   Motion and speed are relative. At On-Point, we use all our energy to maximize efforts to achieve your desired outcomes.  Your perception of success is paramount to us.  It is your reality. Slow progress on your AR can cause successful outcomes  to never […]

Promises made…Promises Not Kept.

Is your RCM Provider Reliable? At On-Point we mean what we say. When you select us as your RCM service provider, we partner with you. No automated call service center.  You deal with the actual owners of On-Point.                  From project initiation to completion and beyond, you will have an owner as your project manager. […]

Hear No Evil. See No Evil. Speak No Evil.

The Six Warning Signs You’re Ignoring. Let’s face it.  None of us want to look at things that appear difficult, if even on the surface.  Sometimes ignoring a Revenue Cycle Issue is far more costly then digging in and figuring out what’s really going on. At On-Point, we consider our clients a source of valuable information when it comes […]

Is there a Knowledgeable Human Being on the Other end of the phone?

Nothing is more frustrating than being put on hold, a one way conversation with a digital robot, or someone who doesn’t speak your revenue cycle language. At On-Point the answer is Yes!  Yes, we personalize your service and knowledgeable human beings answer all your calls.  Our clients know that when they call us, they speak […]

Welcome to Groundhog Day 2022

Ever feel like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day?  Events in your life seem to repeat over and over again as if you are caught in an endless cycle. Cycles tend to repeat themselves if left unchecked or ignoring how to get out of the endless loop. So true of your Revenue Cycle Management.  […]

Mandate Mania takes a Jab at Healthcare-<br>Help is needed Beyond Nursing

Nursing shortages are only one aspect of the vaccine mandates impact on staffing experienced in healthcare nationwide.  The scarcity of available labor can be seen in hospital operations as well. Pressure has increased due to increased patient volumes and office staff declining the jab. A 2021 Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that nearly 30% […]

Why should your Coders have Professional Certifications?

Everyone seems to be an expert these days. In the ever changing landscape of medical  coding, it is imperative that you know who is doing the work and how your billing is being coded. It’s the lifeblood of your revenue cycle. Coding errors lead to rework. Rework leads to  lost time and denials. Denials lead […]

You could be losing too much Value.

Time to alleviate the worry, pain and fear of looming deadlines.  Let On-Point help manage your collections for you.  1. Aging AR -Let our Experts Capture Your Collections Don’t Miss the Deadline. We Can Help.   On-Point RCM experts offer decades of experience working with NextGen Financial  Accounting Packages across many hospital platforms. We know how to […]